Anj Fermor is a writer and artist living in Calgary, on Treaty 7 Territory. They are the founder of Studio and have provided work for exhibitions and publications through out the city. This past year they participated in the New York University Summer Studio Residency, was a finalist for the 20th Annual RBC Painting Competition, and received the M:ST and Luma Quarterly Critical Writing Prize. In the summer of 2019 they will be participating in the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation Residency at cSPACE King Edward, and the Momus Emerging Critics Residency in Montreal. 

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Vol. 1 Issue 02 Fall 2019

Bridgemohan describes how her Jamaican-Austrailian background informs her work and how, because of the complexity of her identity as a biracial artist living in Alberta, her work often has many iterations. 

I Realized I Could Only Do It By Steps: Interview with Michaela Bridgemohan


Vol. 1 Issue 1 Summer 2019

Writer and artist Anj Fermor describes steps we can take to de-gender the way we look at figurative art in the gallery, the classroom, or the studio. 

Through Cis-Tinted Glasses, Pt. 1: De-gendering the Way We Look At Figurative Art

Vol. 1 Issue 1 Summer 2019

Through a text message format, Igharas answers questions on ecological grief and the ability for artwork to navigate through polemic discourse on extractive industries, consumer systems, and the environment.


Vol. 1 Issue 1 Summer 2019

Lauchlan discusses her techniques for communication and the transcription of words into material, and together Fermor and Lauchlan share their experiences as emerging, feminized artists.

Memory and Reality, a Daughter and an Artist: Interview with Natalie Lauchlan


Vol. 1 Issue 02 Fall 2019

Fermor reflects on how exhibitions that leave you questioning the conflicting realities of the intersectional politics at play perhaps do more more justice for the people who embody marginalized identities than any straightforward message does. 

Review: Reza Rezaï at TRUCK Contemporary Art

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Vol. 1 Issue 1 Summer 2019

Coughlin describes working in different cities and communities as an urban Indigenous woman, and explains some of the research involved in her recent installations and paintings.

Location as Perspective and Image: Interview with Krystle Coughlin


Vol. 1 Issue 1 Summer 2019

Cardinal McCartney explains the background behind the strict criteria he has for his materials, his technique for reaching audiences through relatable actions, and his thoughts on accessibility as an indigenous artist.

Collage and Performance, Context and Participation: Interview with Danny Cardinal McCartney