Vol 1. Issue 02

Fall 2019

Review: Reza Rezai's MEHMOON at TRUCK Contemporary Art

By Anj Fermor

Fermor reflects on how exhibitions that leave you questioning the conflicting realities of the intersectional politics at play perhaps do more more justice for the people who embody marginalized identities than any straightforward message does. 


Through Cis-Tinted Glasses, Pt 1.: De-gendering the Way We Look At Figurative Art

By Anj Fermor

 Writer and artist Anj Fermor describes steps we can take to de-gender the way we look at figurative art in the gallery, the classroom, or the studio. 

I Realized I Had to Do It in Steps: Interview with Michaela Bridgemohan

Interview by Anj Fermor, August 2019

Bridgemohan describes how her Jamaican-Austrailian background informs her work and how, because of the complexity of her identity as a biracial artist living in Alberta, her work often has many iterations. 


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